We are pleased to announce that Vicki Berkus, MD, Ph.D., CEDS, has been named a Senior Fellow for Remuda Ranch at The Meadows. She will be instrumental in assisting Remuda Ranch’s efforts to maintain it’s treatment programs at the cutting-edge of eating disorder care. Dr. Berkus will also share her knowledge and expertise with patients and provide training for the therapeutic staff.
By: Michelle Wells

“The statistics are grim,” a therapist had once said, “1 in 5 of you will die.” I sat in the dining room that morning, each table a circle of women, hollow and broken just like me, and accepted my fate as the sacrificial lamb. I would die and save four. It was early in my stay at Remuda Ranch, perhaps only two or three days in. I knew where I was and why I was there, but the gravity of my situation had yet to register. I was too numb, too thin, and too near death to process much of what was going on around me. My eating disorder had done its job well. I no longer felt anything.

Tuesday, 06 September 2016 15:13

Fear(less) bites back

By: Tracy Bagnato

Jumping out of a plane with a complete stranger on my back. Going bungee jumping. Convincing my family to go on crazy thrill rides with me. No fear of anything ever happening to me. I was invincible. Had someone asked me what being fearless meant years ago, even months ago, this most likely would have been my response.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 15:21

Are You #fearless?

Being #fearless doesn’t mean that you are never afraid.

Being #fearless means that…

Being in recovery from eating disorder can be a scary and isolating experience. Hannah Grice struggles with anorexia and just started her first week of college. She describes what the experience was like, and how she is staying on track with her recovery at TheMighty.com:

By Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD, Senior Fellow at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows

Last time we talked, I said the June Taking the Next Steps: Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder workshop was a dream come true. I was excited that the idea had become reality, and was super enthusiastic about recruiting participants. Well, that was before my world turned upside down.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 13:53

What Women with Eating Disorders Really Fear

If you asked the average person to explain what an eating disorder is, they’d probably tell you that it’s a condition in which people starve themselves, binge and purge, avoid meals, and avoid social situations centered around meals. They’d probably also say that those who engage in these behaviors struggle with distorted body image and are afraid of gaining weight and of being fat.

Nicole Cowper, who began struggling with anorexia at a young age, has written an insightful and moving article about her treatment, her setbacks, and the lessons she’s learned from battling her eating disorder.


Recent changes to the health insurance requirements under the Affordable Care Act have lead to a boom in the number of eating disorder treatment centers across the nation. Some estimates say that the number has grown from 22 centers nationwide to 75 in the last decade.

In a recently published Recovery Campus magazine article, Remuda Ranch at The Meadows Senior Fellow Jessica Setnick takes a closer look at the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) eating disorder program at Texas Tech University. It is one of the first communities of its kind to recognize the need for eating disorder support services among students who are also struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

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