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Fathers: Recognizing Eating Disorders: There is hope to help your daughter

Today, untold numbers of fathers are facing a terrible situation…one they never anticipated and are ill-prepared to handle: their daughter has an eating disorder.
Fathers: How To Protect Your Child with an Eating Disorder

A father's role to provide for and protect his family is first and foremost on his mind. Historically, the father held the family together economically and was the parent responsible for keeping them safe from outside threat.
Fathers: Information You Need to Know
If an eating disorder has become part of your daughter’s life, it is important to understand its impact on her.
For Fathers: Why Early Treatment is So Critical to Your Daughter
We recognize the importance of early intervention for your daughter struggling with an eating disorder. Here’s some good information about eating disorders and the affect they can have on your daughter’s and your family’s life.

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