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Equine Therapy at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows

Horses have been an important part of Remuda Ranch at The Meadows since 1926. In fact, the word “Remuda” refers to the group of horses used to give rest and provide a fresh start for the journey ahead.

Our equine program includes instruction in horse care, grooming procedures, saddlery, harness driving and basic equitation. Once deemed medically stable, each patient is paired with a horse based on her previous riding experience and individual needs. She then participates in two 75-minute sessions per week, including a trail ride and an arena session.

Remuda Ranch at The Meadows horses are gentle, affectionate creatures who display a natural curiosity about the world around them. A patient may come into the program with a fear of horses, or fear related to other areas such as commitment or responsibility. As the bond between patient and horse develops, these fears and other feelings of anger or inadequacy often dissipate. What’s more, as a patient cares for a horse, it helps reduce her focus on herself. Spending time together, whether riding, grooming or communicating on any level, the two develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Working with these large animals gives our patients an opportunity to learn healthy new skills.

Each patient discovers how to practice effective communication and achieve the proper response from her horse. One success builds on another, and in no time, her feelings of self worth, confidence and effectiveness return.

The highpoint of our equine program is the Remuda Ranch at The Meadows Rodeo, which takes place at the end of each Family Week. Patients and equine staff ride in unison to music. The rodeo allows them to demonstrate the new skills they have learned.

Horses have always played an important role at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows. Yesterday, it was to provide a fresh start on the dusty trail; today, these extraordinary creatures help women and girls get a fresh start on the road to recovery.

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