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Remuda Ranch Program Information

Family Week at Remuda Ranch
Find out more about Family Week and how it plays a key role in the treatment at Remuda Ranch.

Body Image Therapy at Remuda Ranch
Patients at Remuda Ranch Programs for Eating and Anxiety Disorders are as physically diverse as they are emotionally and mentally diverse. Yet, one characteristic they often hold in common is a high level of body dissatisfaction or negative body image. This means they are deeply displeased and highly critical of the body in which they live.

Challenge Course Experiential at Remuda Ranch
One innovative way new skills are put to practice is on the Ropes Challenge Course. Our challenge course offers both high and low activities. Both involve an intricate network of ropes, cables and logs; the exclusive difference between the two courses is height.

Equine Therapy at Remuda Ranch
Horses have been an important part of Remuda Ranch since 1926. In fact, the word “Remuda” refers to the group of horses used to give rest and provide a fresh start for the journey ahead.