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What to Bring- Inpatient Programs


Travel Arrangements

Our patients usually fly into Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix.  Upon arrival, you will be met at the gate by one of our drivers who will have your name and description.  If you do not see her there, simply go to the security checkpoint and wait.  If you don’t see her within 15 minutes, please proceed to baggage claim.  Be encouraged, she will find you; it is difficult to predict Phoenix traffic. If you’ve retrieved your luggage and the driver has not connected with you, please call 1-800-445-1900 and ask for Admissions.  

Once in Wickenburg, the driver will escort you directly to the Admissions office, where names will soon become faces.  You will meet your Admission’s representative along with any other staff with whom you may have previously communicated with.  Once the paperwork is completed, your representative will then escort you to the facility, show you around and introduce you to the admitting nurse who will conduct the Nursing Assessment.

First Days

The first couple of days at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows are designed to help us know more about your health and history, while simultaneously orienting you to the program.  You will receive your patient handbook and learn about the evaluation process, program philosophy, and guidelines for living in the community. During this time, you will meet with a Primary Care Medical Provider for a history and physical; you will also meet with a Psychiatric Provider for an evaluation.  Psychological assessments will be administered to help us better structure your treatment plan.  You will also meet with one of our registered dieticians to discuss your food plan.  When all assessments are completed, you will begin participating in the program.


A primary therapist will be assigned to you prior to your arrival.  Assignments are made according to your individual needs and issues. Your primary therapist will make every effort to meet you within the first day.  Please understand, they are as eager to meet you as you are to meet them.  


Is it hot in Arizona?  In a word:  yes, most of the time.  The semi-official state joke is, “It’s a dry heat!”  Humidity is usually very low.  The summer months have daytime temperatures that routinely exceed 100 degrees, accompanied by cooler, more comfortable nights.  Winter days are mild and sunny, with evening temperatures that fall in the chilly range. With that in mind, if you are admitting in the winter months, please bring cold weather clothing including gloves, a hat (that covers your ears) and a warm coat.   Regardless of when you are coming to Arizona, don’t worry about the weather.  Everything is fully air conditioned and outdoor activities always take the weather into account.      

Dietary Plan

With over 20 years of experience in treating those with eating disorders, we possess an awareness of how difficult this part of the program may be for you.   Rest assured that our staff has expertise in nutritional management and will be sensitive to your cares and concerns.  Initially, a member of the Nutrition staff will meet with you to do a comprehensive Nutrition Assessment. You will then work with a Registered Dietitian each week to establish nutrition goals.  Our Primary Care Providers, in conjunction with the Registered Dietician and Licensed Nurse, will prescribe your initial food plan; the Dietitian will then make changes as needed throughout your stay.


You may receive mail as well as UPS and Federal Express packages.  Use the following address:

Your Name
Remuda Ranch at The Meadows Program - please specify Adult or Adolescent/Children’s program

One East Apache Street
Wickenburg, AZ  85390


Patients at the Adult Center are allowed to smoke in designated areas during specified times and are limited to 6 cigarettes each day.  Staff members will keep your cigarettes for you.  You should plan to bring with you the number of cigarettes you will need throughout your anticipated length of stay. Lighters and matches will be provided by staff.

Smoking is not allowed at the Adolescent/Children’s Center.


We encourage patients to call their families to notify them of a safe arrival.  However, during the first 72 hours, additional calls are not allowed, except for emergencies.  During the first 72 hours we want everyone to focus exclusively on the program, without distractions.  However, family members may contact the Nurses’ Station or your Admissions Representative to check on your progress.  To ensure privacy, the caller will be told “we do not confirm or deny a patient’s identity”.  If a call comes in for you, a message will be taken and you will be notified.  After the first 72 hours, you will have phone privileges according to program guidelines.  Please bring a phone card for long-distance calls.

Family members or a referring therapist wishing to speak with your primary therapist should call (928) 684-3913 or 1-800-445-1900 during normal business hours.  The receptionist will forward those calls to your therapist.  A receptionist answers the phone Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm (Arizona Time).  At all other times Remuda utilizes an automated system.  If family members need to speak with staff at a time outside normal business hours, they should call (928) 684-3913 or 1-800-445-1900 and follow the instructions given.

Family Experience

Your Family Experience will be scheduled according to your individual treatment needs, goals and length of stay. Your family will be receiving a packet of information about Family Experience and lodging options soon after you admit.

What To Bring

(Please bring no more than two suitcases, due to limited storage.  NOTE:  To avoid additional cost, please check with your airline regarding weight limits.)


At Remuda, “casual” is the operative word.  Everyone dresses with comfort and modesty in mind. Staff is responsible for monitoring patients and expects modest clothing. During summer months, patients are encouraged to wear mid-length shorts and Ts, jeans or lightweight pants.  Since our ranches have swimming pools, you’ll want to toss in a bathing suit. Pack at least one pair of jeans for horseback riding.  Along those lines, if you have a sturdy pair of riding boots, bring them along.  Fall evenings can get cold, so sweats, light sweaters and a jacket are important items to have.  If you join us in winter months, you will want to bring warmer clothes:  pants, long-sleeved shirts and jackets.  “Layering” is the key.

Regardless of the time of year you come to Remuda Ranch at The Meadows, comfortable shoes are a must.  For safety purposes, our patients must wear shoes with closed toes.  Any type of tennis or walking shoe is great.  Please leave flip flops, strappy sandals, platform shoes or high heels at home in your closet.  Though such footwear is certainly fashion-forward, at Remuda Ranch at The Meadows we are committed to safety and function over fashion.  Please leave expensive jewelry or any costly items safe at home.  Naturally, you want to bring all the essential undergarments:  underwear, bras, socks.  Don’t forget your sleepwear, slippers, or robe

Medication, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Records

Pack a three-day supply of any prescription medications you are currently taking. Each medication should be in its original container. Any medications greater than a three day supply will be disposed of at time of admission so leave the extras at home. It is not necessary to bring over the counter medications with you so leave those at home as well.  Your medical and psychiatric providers will be reviewing your medications upon admission. If you take a medication that is particularly difficult to find, please notify us prior to admission, so we can make special arrangements for you.   Do not bring vitamins, dietary supplements or over-the-counter medications such as laxatives or diuretics.  Alcohol and illegal substances are not allowed. If available, please bring copies of your medical records from treatment obtained within the past year.

Personal Items

We want your stay with us to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  Feel free to bring personal items (enough for full length of stay) such as photos or pictures for your room. Glass must be removed from picture frames before arrival.  Toiletries and cosmetics should be limited to one bag, if possible. Compacts without mirrors are acceptable.  You can bring an electric razor, sanitary supplies, a curling iron, disposable cameras, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Please no exercise equipment, electronics (iPod, laptop, digital cameras, etc…) musical instruments or craft supplies.  We have plenty of hair dryers here for your use.  Pack stationery items like paper and envelopes, so you can stay in touch with family and friends.  We encourage patients to bring about $50 for incidentals.  You may bring checkbooks and credit cards, though they are often unnecessary. We provide hangers, bed and bath linens, and pillows.  We have washers and dryers, which are available for your use.  Remuda provides all the necessary laundry supplies, as well as irons and ironing boards. If you choose, you may bring one personal comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket).

Important Note: 

Remuda Ranch at The Meadows is an exceptional program, in terms of the beautiful location, peaceful environment, and skilled staff.  But, the truth is that Remuda Ranch at The Meadows is a treatment facility.  And as such, certain safety parameters must remain in place.  As we help you and others to get well, we must keep everyone safe.  This means we cannot have certain items, which may be potentially harmful, at our facilities.    As you pack, please remove anything that contains glass, (mirrors, compacts, etc.) or is sharp.  This extends to glass covering framed photos.  Also, anything sharp like pins, scissors, or razors must be left at home.  Please understand that we cannot list everything that may not be appropriate for our treatment setting.  Therefore, some items may need to be stored while you are in treatment for safety or modesty reasons.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and appreciate your adherence to these guidelines.  

Remuda Ranch at The Meadows works with insurance companies as shown below

United Healthcare
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Value Options

Contact us to let our experts help understand what benefits may be available to help you access The Remuda Ranch at The Meadows program. Patients are responsible for cost of services, however we have amazing results helping patients access benefits.