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Spring 2011 Alumni Link


Welcome to Remuda's Alumni Link eNewsletter. Our prayer is that you are embracing life as you move forward on your recovery journey. We know the journey can be difficult at times, so we have created this newsletter to keep you informed, encouraged and connected. You will find articles on skills essential to your recovery and devotionals to lift your spirit. Among these will be upcoming events and new happenings at Remuda. We hope you enjoy Alumni Link and thank you for trusting Remuda with your care.

Skills in Action
Act Opposite
By Travis Stewart, LPC

On the surface it feels like you are being told, “If you have an eating disorder urge, just stop it and do the opposite.” That doesn’t sound very helpful or very realistic...Read more
Travis Stewart
Bible Focus
Rest for Your Soul
By Jena Savage

Take some time to crawl into His presence and find rest for your soul!... Read more
Nutrition Round Table
A Healthy Exercise Mentality
By Jody Laidlaw, R.D.
Many individuals that I have come in contact with struggle with their intent toward exercise and end up using it for the wrong reasons... Read more
Jody Laidlaw
Follow-up with JuLynn
Body Image
By JuLynn Ravenscraft, MC
Just one fill-in-the-blank question, and I encourage you to answer it for yourself before reading any further. Here goes:  “I want to look like _________.” How did you answer? ... Read more
Josh Miles
Helpful Articles
Did you know that articles from previous Alumni Link newsletters are available on our website? Click here to view the article summaries...

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